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 This 1.5 hour mix is made up of all original Bambooloo content and all 24 songs have yet to be released.  The mix is a preview of what is to come in 2018.  Released through Noctilux Collective, download and stream it below.

This 1.5 hour mix is made up of all original Bambooloo content and all 24 songs have yet to be released.  The mix is a preview of what is to come in 2018.  Released through Noctilux Collective, download and stream it below.

The Bambooloo remix for BB Mars' track 444 has been released as a prequel to the full remix EP coming out November 14.  This dark, experimental club track is available for free download in full quality.

Fundamental Frequencies is a mix series revolving around key tracks in my library.  The mixes showcase what I've been feeling musically at the time.  This is the fourth instalment and focuses on grime, dubstep, drum and bass, future bass, and some weird trap music.  I've featured a few of my own unreleased tracks in this mix that will be coming out fairly soon.

Half Normal is a new project recently launched with a debut mix put out through The Noctilux Collective as part of their mix series.  One part Bambooloo, one part Method Sound; Half Normal focuses on intelligent, downtempo, bass heavy production.  The mix features 50 minutes of completely original, unreleased content.

The Full Moon EP consists of a pair of tracks that have been sitting in the vault for quite a time.  These two songs push a minimalist, low frequency driven vibe, bringing focus to developing percussion and effects throughout.  This is the first of a succession of free releases coming up.  

I don't care what anyone says, the production value in the original version of Jack Ü's Where Are Ü Now with Justin Bieber is fantastic.  The vocal processing is so well done, the hook is catchy, and the drums sound amazing as usual with Skrillex being involved.  Not everyone is a fan of this trio but, ego's aside, you just can't deny that they did something right with this track.  It inspired me to find an acapella and redo it with a deeper, more laid back expression to it.  I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did creating.

The bootleg is exclusively available from this site only, but I encourage you to share it on all your social medias if you hit download.

Both Wolf Camo and Sanctuary have been moving the Calgary bass music scene forward with relentless force as of late, and the Laid Off EP shows a coming of age in the two young producers.  Two remixes of the collaborative track, Coastin', feature well mixed, stripped back sounds from Metafloor and intricate sound design aspects from Bambooloo that take the late night anthem to astounding new places.


Download the entire EP for free from the Noctilux Collective site

The three tracks featured on this EP are an exploration of a new sound and style for Bambooloo. Formerly creating more house and funk oriented tracks, this is a transitional release, moving forward into unexplored terrain fuelled by creativity and experimentation.  All three songs feature complex percussive polyrhythms, evolving synth patterns, and weighted, low-end frequency content that makes a proper sound system sweat, leaving crowds engulfed by his creations.


Artwork provided by MadeXForever.  

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  • Temple @ Cafe Koi, Calgary AB                                                                                  Second Friday of Every Month 
  • Dubfounded @ Habitat Living Sound, Calgary AB                                                  Thursday Once a Month

Previous Shows

  • LIVE ON AIR from The Pirate Radio Stage @ Bass Coast Festival 2017, Merritt BC
  • Burning Man 2015/16/17 @ Black Rock City NV
  • Motion Notion Festival 2017 @ Golden BC
  • Shades & Ivy Lab @ Marquee Beer Market & Stage, Calgary AB
  • G Jones @ TEN Nightclub, Calgary AB
  • Sam Binga @ Habitat Living Sound, Calgary AB
  • J:Kenzo @ Nite Owl, Calgary AB
  • Moresounds @ Nite Owl, Calgary AB
  • Mandai & Tank Gyal @ Habitat Living Sound, Calgary AB
  • Greazus & Sinistarr @ The Hifi Club, Calgary AB   
  • SkiiTour @ The Royal Canadian Legion, Calgary AB              
  • Goopsteppa @ Marda Loop Events Centre, Calgary AB                    
  • Half • Normal,  Medicine Hat AB                                                               
  • Homesick @ Habitat Living Sound, Calgary AB
  • Sabota @ The Hifi Club, Calgary AB
  • Sorrow @ Nite Owl, Calgary AB
  • Zion Noiz Festival @ Smokey Lake AB
  • Dusk Til Dawn Music Festival, Maclean Creek AB
  • Midnight Mountain Music Festival, Livingston Falls AB
  • Bizarre ft. JPOD @ The Royal Canadian Legion, Calgary AB
  • AtYya @ National Music Centre, Calgary AB
  • Bushwacker Festival @ Maclean Creek AB
  • Indigo Pulse Festival @ Red Lodge Guest Ranch, Northern AB
  • Bass Creek Music Festival @ Maclean Creek AB
  • Psychedelic Circus 2016 @ Saskatoon SK
  • Taal Mala & The Phonograff @ Sun Alta Community Centre, Calgary AB
  • A-Sides @ Bronco's Smokehouse and Saloon, Calgary AB
  • Stylust Beats @ TEN Nightclub, Calgary AB
  • Falcons @ TEN Nightclub, Calgary AB 
  • Defunk & Zooly @ Styx Bar, Calgary AB

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Sounds and music re-designed for Bibo won "Audio For Pictures Best Mix" award